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O. Vaughn Virtual Services (OVVS) assists small business owners with their most tedious tasks. Let's face it there are things that as a business owner you just do not have the time nor desire to do; however, some things have to get done for your business to operate properly.  At OVVS ,we make sure all your bases are covered.  No task is too large or small for us to handle.  We partner with competent professionals to ensure we delivery the best service in a timely manner.  Our clients appreciate the flexibility that comes with partnering with OVVS.  We offer tiered retainer packages and ala carte services to fit your unique need.  Whether you need a one time specific project completed or you need more long term services, we are the solution to your problems. Our services come customizable, on demand, reliable, and affordable, and are just a few of the reasons small businesses choose OVVS time and time again.  We meet your professional needs right where you are.  OVVS focuses on all the small things, so you can focus on the BIG things, like growing your business.  How can we help you run your back office?  Feel free to schedule a consultation to see how we can better assist you.

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We focus on the small things, so you can focus on the BIG things, like growing your business.

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